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Vote for Our Server!
Servers | Posted on 2018-10-08 by timmie124

It's that time again, the server is now public and ready to play. Help grow our server by voting on these sites. Players that vote will be rewarded in game if they use there in game name when voting! Current reward is diamonds, more items to be added soon.

Vote for the server!
The Future of [TSC] Gaming
News | Posted on 2018-08-29 by timmie124

[TSC] Gaming started back in June 10th 2011 as a Minecraft server community ment to replace after the operator moved on to other projects. Since then we have had our ups and downs as a community. After about a year into this we managed to save up enough money from donations, thanks largely in part by Boss950 and KronMuffin, to purchase our first real blade server, as well as a fiber optic internet connection. Which helped us expand our community greatly, we were able to start supporting a large number of game servers and as well as high player counts on the Minecraft server all while being able to remain completely independent without having to rent servers or a VPS from 3rd party providers.


So what happened? Why were we gone for almost a year?

If you’ve played on our MC server in the past you were probably aware that we have a dirty power issue. The power issue is pretty severe and still remains a constant issue today. We’ve thrown, countless surge protectors,and back up batteries to try and combat the issue. But to our demise we have always lost the battle and would wake up to corrupted map files that always seemed to occur during the worst possible times. These would always result in a loss of players due to people losing their builds if they were on the SMP map. We are very grateful to those who remained with us when this happens. We usually try to keep the maps backed up but usually after a month or two the map file size can be over 100GB and making it rather hard and expensive to back up. Our longest lasting map was just a few gigs shy of 500GB, almost 50% of our storage capacity. Many large server operators encounter this problem but don’t suffer the dirty power issue that we do. So we would lose the ability to backup those files. Although we did make the back ups available for a very limited time to those who asked.


Last September the dirty power issue finally decided to attack with all it’s might. The first surge destroyed an HDD and caused a funky S.M.A.R.T. error. The S.M.A.R.T. error glitch I experienced should've been a warning that something more serious was going on under the hood. About an hour after leaving the colocation in Murrieta the Server died again. This time we weren’t get degradation errors, but errors stating the drives don’t exist. At this time I decide to wait a week and have the server shipped home so I can go ahead and work on it. After a week or so of failing to get any sort of OS installed onto the system I decide that the system finally gave out and decided to start saving for a replacement blade. This got put on the back burner for almost a year to do real life obligations. Recently with in the last month or so of people within the community were asking for game servers to be put online, so I decided to give it one last crack at it and see if I can get an OS installed.


Turns out the raid card went bad, as well as the blade’s backup raid card. So we had to setup the server to run in a Legacy mode. So here we are now, currently running 4 KF2 servers and 3 csgo servers and a Conan exile server. And hopefully many more to come.


The Future of TSC?

    [TSC] Gaming will remain as a community game server operation. Currently we only have a few “turn key” servers up and running just so we have some sort of presence in the gaming world. Our high maintenance game servers, Minecraft and G-mod will be back soon, but they’re currently on the bottom of my list as those two games are large undertakings that will take a some time to get working properly. If you still have the Minecraft server in your server list you may see it pop up from time to time as I’m working on it, feel free to stop by and say hi and test things out. But in the meantime my current priority is getting the website completely functional again. Also currently plan on either building or purchasing a more modern blade server as well as a very large file server so we can effectively backup our files on a daily basis.


Why the website? We didn’t even use it to begin with.

    Originally the website was just there to redirect you to our forums, and a news post thing that never got used because we posted our news and updates on the forums. This time around I’m trying something different. I will be using it as a game review website to help advertise our game servers. I’m also bringing back movie night, if you wish to join us, just join the discord to get the proper links to watch with us, were aiming to make a weekly or biweekly thing that happens on fridays. As well as creating useful tools for admins and mods help remotely manage servers. The end goal is to replace the old forums with a new set of forums that will be self hosted so we can be 100% independent. The new forum plan is really far down the line and most likely won't be seen for quite some time, and wont be started until our MC server and our new G-mod server are up and running. The websites primary functionality is almost done, so best case scenario, sometime in November.





Super Hot Completionist Review
reviews | Posted on 2018-07-28 by timmie124

Imagine a world that was completely made out of concrete and where its residence evolved out of their flesh and blood into a beautiful low poly humanoid entities made from crystal. That’s the world of SUPERHOT.


You play as one of these crystal individual, you were given a program called SUPERHOT.exe. At first it appears to be a fun game that a friend gave to you, but as you go down the rabbit hole the crystal illuminati starts to contact you. Warning you that you’re getting into something bigger. Eventually you free yourself from your mortal body and you become SUPERHOT, your mission? Defeat the crystal illuminati.


Super Hot Review imageThe game is relatively short, around 30 levels. The core game can be beaten probably in an hour and half in a casual play through. Short games can be great though, as this game takes bullet time to a whole new level; the world frozen around bullets flying besides you, hacking and slashing your way through a maze of lethal projectiles. Stealing guns out of your enemies’ hands and shattering your enemies into pieces. If this game came out in a different era it would of put the matrix to Shame.


The environment, it's all concrete, what seems like a lazy way to design a level is actually an elegant way to keep you focused on what matters, shattering your enemies. The material really helps make the already bright red enemies stand out letting you see the first sliver of a shoulder with ease. The lightning does wash things out a bit though, but isn't distracting unless you start exploring places you shouldn't be.


Now the game being short isn't a bad thing but in order to justify a 25 dollar price tag the developers have added a bunch of endgame content, which is mostly challenge missions and endless arenas. Sadly with the exception of a couple endless arenas, you will be playing the same 18-25 levels from the campaign over and over.


Super Hot Review image/><span style=If you do decide to take the challenge play through all the content the game as to offer, you will quickly learn how to power your way through the game. Making a game that took an hour and half into a game that probably takes sub 20 minutes, making this game a solid candidate for speed runners. If you're into achievement hunting like myself, you will find yourself with a 100% completed game with minimal effort over a weekend.


All in all I wish this game had more content, or better yet user made content to push the games bullet time mechanics to its full potential. I can't recommend this game at its full price but I can definitely say this is a game worth buying. If I had to rate it I would give it a 6/10 as the game really should have had more content.


Are we doin shit again?
servers | Posted on 2018-07-27 by timmie124
If you see this post than probably.
Server Shit
Maintenance | Posted on 2015-06-10 by timmie124

The server has been going offline in the middle of the night due to automatic updates, we will now be following a update schedule wich will happen once a week on sunday around 8pm PST. these updates should take no longer then 10 minutes.