ID Rank Ability Command Description Plugin Node
1 Guest Modify World Can build and mine PEX modifyworld.*
2 Guest /spawn Brings you to spawn essentials essentials.spawn
3 Guest /home Takes you home essentials essentials.home
4 Guest /sethome Sets your home essentials essentials.sethome
5 Guest /delhome Deletes your home essentials essentials.delhome
6 Guest Home Bed Lets you use a bed to set your home essentials essentials.sethome.bed
7 Guest /kit Gives you some basics items Click here for list of kits essentials essentials.kit
8 Guest /kits [name] Choose a kit if you have more than 1 available essentials essentials.kits.[kitname]
9 Guest /time Tells you the ingame time essentials essentials.time
10 Guest /ignore Ignores another player essentials essentials.ignore
11 Guest /list Tells you who is currently online essentials essentials.list
12 Guest /mail Checks your mail essentials essentials.mail
13 Guest Send mail essentials essentials.mail.send
14 Guest /me For serious roll playing essentials
15 Guest /motd View the message of the day essentials essentials.motd
16 Guest /rules Read these or prepared for verbal abuse essentials essentials.rules
17 Guest /suicide Kills your self essentials essentials.suicide
18 Guest Ban notifications View ban messages essentials essentials.ban.notify
19 Guest kick notifications View kick messages essentials essentials.kick.notify
20 Guest mute notifications View mute messages essentials essentials.mute.notify
21 Guest /ping pong (type this when your potatoe is lagging) essentials
22 Guest /tpa Sends a request to teleport to another player essentials essentials.tpa
23 Guest /tpahere Sends a request to teleport another player to you essentials essentials.tpahere
24 Guest /tpaccept Accepts tpa request essentials essentials.tpaccept
25 Guest /tpadeny Denys a tpa request essentials essentials.tpadeny
26 Guest protect Keeps your chests safe essentials essentials.protect
27 Guest protect alert Lets you know when there is a griefer nearby essentials essentials.protect.alerts
28 Guest /warp Teleports you to a warp essentials essentials.warp
29 Guest Can use Portals You can walk through a portal to another world multiverse multiverse.access.*
30 Member /sethome [name] Lets you set multiple homes just add a name essentials essentials.sethome.multiple.[set name]
31 Member /home [name] Goes to a specific home essentials essentials.home
32 Member /hat Gives you a hat essentials essentials.hat
33 Member /msg Sends a private message to an online player essentials essentials.msg
34 Member /near Tells you who is in a nearby radius essentials essentials.near
35 Member /seen Tells you when someone was last logged in or their ban info essentials essentials.near
36 Member /ext Puts out a fire essentials essentials.ext
37 Member /back Sends you back essentials essentials.back
38 Member back to where you died Back button brings you back to where you died essentials essentials.back.ondeath
39 Member Keep your XP When you die you wont loose your XP essentials essentials.keepxp
40 Member By pass tp cooldown You can spam tp commands essentials essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass
41 Member Colorful chat Do not abuse this essentials
42 Member colored signs Color commands work on signs essentials essentials.signs.color
43 Member /world Lets you go to different worlds, use multiverse commands instead essentials
44 Member /mvtp [world] teleports you to another world multiverse multiverse.teleport.self.w
45 Member /mv who tells you who and where a player is multiverse multiverse.core.list.who
46 Member /mv list gives you a list of worlds multiverse multiverse.core.list.worlds
47 Member /mv spawn moves you to current worlds spawn multiverse multiverse.core.spawn.self
48 Member /mvp list see a list of portals multiverse-portals multiverse.portal.list
49 Builder Unlimited homes Set as many homes as you want essentials essentials.sethome.multiple.unlimited
50 Builder /ci Clears your inventory essentials essentials.clearinventory
51 Builder /top Moves you to the top of an object essentials
52 Builder bypass teleport timer Immediately teleports you essentials essentials.teleport.timer.bypass
53 Builder /tptoggle Prevents any teleport requests essentials essentials.tptoggle
54 AdvBuilder /repair repairs an item essentials
55 AdvBuilder /repair all repairs all items essentials
56 AdvBuilder Your /kill exempt Ignore admin shinanigans essentials essentials.kill.exempt
57 AdvBuilder /setwarp Sets a warp essentials essentials.setwarp
58 AdvBuilder /mvp create Creates a portal multiverse-portals multiverse.portal.create
59 AdvBuilder /mv wand Gives you a world edit wand multiverse-portals multiverse.portal.giveand
60 AdvBuilder /mvp modify Modify a selected portal multiverse-portals multiverse.portal.config
61 AdvBuilder /mvp select selects a portal multiverse-portals
62 AdvBuilder /mvp info gives you info about a portal multiverse-portals
63 Mod /delhome [player][homename] Deletes another players home essentials essentials.delhome.others
64 Mod /spawn [playerName] Brings another Player to Spawn essentials essentials.spawn.others
65 Mod /god Gives you god mode essentials essentials.god
66 Mod /give Gives out Items essentials essentials.give
67 Mod /kit [playerName][kit] Gives another player a kit essentials essentials.kit.others
68 Mod /heal [name] Heals another player essentials essentials.heal.others
69 Mod /time set [time] Set Time essentials essentials.time.set
70 Mod /list hidden Lets you see who is sillently logged in essentials essentials.list.hidden
71 Mod /sendall Sends Mail to everyone essentials essentials.mail.sendall
72 Mod /near [playerName] Lets you see who's around another player essentials essentials.near.others
73 Mod /nick Gives a player a nickname essentials essentials.nick
74 Mod /realname Shows a players true username essentials essentials.realname
75 Mod /whois Gives you extra details about an account essentials essentials.whois
76 Mod /antioch Manage the heathens essentials essentials.antioch
77 Mod /tempban Temporarly bans a player essentials essentials.tempban
78 Mod /burn Burn the witches essentials essentials.burn
79 Mod /ci [playerName] Clears another players inventory essentials essentials.clearinventory.others
80 Mod /fireball Shoots a fireball essentials essentials.fireball
81 Mod /gc Gucci server details essentials essentials.gc
82 Mod /invsee Lets you see anothers inventory and modify it essentials essentials.invsee
83 Mod /jails Lets you see list of jails essentials essentials.jails
84 Mod /setjail Lets you set a jail location essentials essentials.setjail
85 Mod /deljail Deletes a jail locatiopn essentials essetnials.deljail
86 Mod /kick Kicks a player essentials essentials.kick.notify
87 Mod /kill Kills another player essentials essentials.kill
88 Mod /mute Mutes another player essentials essentials.mute
89 Mod /remove Temoves garbage essentials essentials.remove
90 Mod /socialspy Lets you see private chats essentials essentials.socialspy
91 Mod /sudo Lets you run commands as another player essentials essentials.sudo
92 Mod /unbanip Unbans an IP essentials essentials.unbanip
93 Mod /vanish You become invisible essentials essentials.vanish
94 Mod /weather Changes the weather essentials
95 Mod /delwarp Deletes warp essentials essentials.delwarp
96 Mod /tp Teleports you to a player essentials
97 Mod /tpo Forces teleports essentials essentials.tpo
98 Mod /tppos Teleports you to XYZ coords essentials essentials.tppos
99 Mod Join full server You can join the server while its full essentials essentials.joinfullserver
100 Mod /gamemode Switch Game modes essentials essentials.gamemode
101 Mod /mv modify modify world properties multiverse multiverse.core.modify
102 Mod /mv reload reloads the multiverse configs multiverse multiverse.core.reload
103 Mod /mv set spawn sets the spawn for the current world multiverse multiverse.core.spawn.set
104 Mod /mv spawn [player] move another player to a specific world spawn multiverse multiverse.core.spawn.other
105 Mod Multi Inventory bypass bypasses multiple inventories multiverse-Inv mvinv.bypass.*
106 Mod /mvnp link Links a world to a nether or end world multiverse-nether
107 Mod /mvnp unlink unlinks a world multiverse-nether multiverse.netherportals.unlink
108 Mod /mvnp show shows what worlds are linked to nethers or end worlds multiverse-nether
109 Mod /mvp remove removes a portal multiverse-portals multiverse.portal.remove