Super Hot Completionist Review
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Imagine a world that was completely made out of concrete and where its residence evolved out of their flesh and blood into a beautiful low poly humanoid entities made from crystal. That’s the world of SUPERHOT.


You play as one of these crystal individual, you were given a program called SUPERHOT.exe. At first it appears to be a fun game that a friend gave to you, but as you go down the rabbit hole the crystal illuminati starts to contact you. Warning you that you’re getting into something bigger. Eventually you free yourself from your mortal body and you become SUPERHOT, your mission? Defeat the crystal illuminati.


Super Hot Review imageThe game is relatively short, around 30 levels. The core game can be beaten probably in an hour and half in a casual play through. Short games can be great though, as this game takes bullet time to a whole new level; the world frozen around bullets flying besides you, hacking and slashing your way through a maze of lethal projectiles. Stealing guns out of your enemies’ hands and shattering your enemies into pieces. If this game came out in a different era it would of put the matrix to Shame.


The environment, it's all concrete, what seems like a lazy way to design a level is actually an elegant way to keep you focused on what matters, shattering your enemies. The material really helps make the already bright red enemies stand out letting you see the first sliver of a shoulder with ease. The lightning does wash things out a bit though, but isn't distracting unless you start exploring places you shouldn't be.


Now the game being short isn't a bad thing but in order to justify a 25 dollar price tag the developers have added a bunch of endgame content, which is mostly challenge missions and endless arenas. Sadly with the exception of a couple endless arenas, you will be playing the same 18-25 levels from the campaign over and over.


Super Hot Review image/><span style=If you do decide to take the challenge play through all the content the game as to offer, you will quickly learn how to power your way through the game. Making a game that took an hour and half into a game that probably takes sub 20 minutes, making this game a solid candidate for speed runners. If you're into achievement hunting like myself, you will find yourself with a 100% completed game with minimal effort over a weekend.


All in all I wish this game had more content, or better yet user made content to push the games bullet time mechanics to its full potential. I can't recommend this game at its full price but I can definitely say this is a game worth buying. If I had to rate it I would give it a 6/10 as the game really should have had more content.